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Website & Internet Connectivity

Website & Internet Connectivity

Featuring an interactive website, Hartford Area Chamber members receive a FREE member web page. This page can be used to increase your web presence, showcase ads to promote your business, and provide important information such as business description, directions, hours and much more!  Find out more below.


Every Monday, the Hartford Area Chamber of Commerce posts and eConnections newsletter that is sent to the e-connectionsemails of our members. This is the perfect way to keep the organization’s members actively involved and up-to-date on your events or special news. It’s easy  to submit a quick paragraph to our chamber office – in fact, you only need 150 words. See the below guidelines for more information.

Send your Message to Members via eConnections Include your information or event in this weekly email to stay up to date on Chamber and community happenings. Plus share your information with members! Submit your information following these simple steps:

  1. Send submissions to ; please reference eConnections in the Subject Line.
  2. Event submissions will be listed with title, location, date, time and website and are limited to 150 words
  3. Member information is welcomed on a first come, first serve basis as well as a space-limited basis
  4.  Event fliers submitted in .PDF or .JPG format.
  5. To keep information fresh and current for our readers, submissions will be limited to two weeks.
  6. Information must be received by Thursday at noon to be eligible for consideration in the next eConnections.

Questions: Call the Chamber at (262) 673-7002.



Personal Biz Page

With our newly redesigned, mobile friendly web site and through an integrated program, our members have the advantage of creating an additional web site presence through a personalized business page. Your Wisconsin Hartford Area Chamber of Commerce website receives thousands of “hits” per month -normally far more than your dedicated business web site. This is why it’s a double advantage! Your Business Profile page gives visitors quick access to:


  • Your personal business URL
  • A short highlight area to reference what your business or organization offers
  • A map to your exact location
  • Links to your social media pages such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter

Using this business page is a great advantage. Login to your personal Hartford Chamber account to layout your business page!

Additional Online SEO

What exactly is SEO? We hear the term frequently. It means Search Engine Optimization. question-markAs mentioned in the Personal Biz Page info, your Wisconsin Hartford Area Chamber of Commerce is a source of information for:

  • New businesses in our area
  • New homeowners & residents in our area and throughout Washington, Waukesha & Dodge Counties
  • Visitors who are vacationing in the area
  • Families and couples from all of Southeastern Wisconsin looking for something new and different to do
  • Businesses and individuals who may be considering relocating

When the above browse the web,  now the preferred method for locating information, our Hartford Area Chamber Website is found easily. This is due to many reasons. First of all, chamber of commerce organizations are simply known as a great resource, so prospective visitors will look to the local chamber before other resources. Not only that – as a much visited site, the HACC has what is considered ideal placement because so many other organizations link to us (offsite links) and we are a long standing web site that is frequently updated.   This gives us an advantage in the search engine results, because it plays a significant role in search results. In turn, this means your business also has additional exposure, which increases your search results too. If you want to explore and understand a bit more about it – read this quick article for a more in depth definition to explain it more concisely.

Web Advertising

With the newly designed, mobile friendly and upgraded Hartford Area Chamber of Commerce, you have the advantage of adding additional advertising through a variety of options. The “HOT DEAL” especially if used consistently, is a great way to attract interest to your business & services. It’s easy to use, and again we provide step-by-step information on how to use this feature online. You can offer “Member-to-Member” special deals, which not only benefits your business, but offers significant deals to fellow HACC members. The beauty to all of these features, you can track how it’s working and if visitors are clicking through to your hot deals and Member-to-Member offers. Of course, the more you update and keep information current, the better the results!

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