Brush Pickup


(262) 673-8225

The first calendar week of each month (starting on Monday) is designated for the pickup of brush and branches. Place brush curbside between the curb and sidewalk (all facing in one direction) on your regular garbage day by 7:00 a.m. Evergreen branches or bushes are also disposed of as brush if cut off a ground level without roots (this includes Christmas Trees). No brush is accepted at the Recycling Center. Brush is limited to 10 inches diameters or less. Dispose of larger sizes privately. Place loose brush and tree branches at the curb no more than 7 days prior to your collection date.

Do not place brush on the street and/or sidewalks. This creates a serious hazard for pedestrians and motor vehicles, as well as an unsightly condition in your neighborhood. The City's Ordinance (Section 7.09 and 7.10) states that you shall not obstruct or endanger the use of a public street, alley or sidewalk by placing refuse in the roadway. If an obstruction is not removed within 24 hours of notice of violation, the Director of Public Works shall arrange to have it picked up by City crews and the entire expense for pick-up, together with an additional charge of 20% for administrative expenses, shall be charged to the person that allowed same to occur.

Tree stumps and roots are not chipped curbside. Dispose of tree stumps and roots as garbage; large stumps or root clumps need a $15.00 solid waste sticker for removal on a Friday pickup. Please call (262) 673-8225 to schedule your pickup.