Curbside Fall Leaf Collection


(262) 673-8225

The Fall Leaf Pick-up for the City of Hartford will begin during October. Residents can rake leaves into the curb and gutter area of their street. Leaf pick-up will continue periodically until the end of November. Residents are urged to get their leaves raked curbside as early as possible.

Leaves will not be picked up curbside if they are in bags. Any bagged leaves must be brought to the Recycling Center during recycling hours. Please do not mix branches or tree limbs in with the leaves. Your cooperation during this leaf pick-up season will be greatly appreciated.

Raked, loose leaves will be picked up at the curb line in October and November only, prior to permanent snowfall. The City does not have curbside pick-up of leaves in the spring. You need to bag your leaves in spring and drop them off at the Recycling Center during regular recycling hours.